Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tools forex trading

One of the News tools I was using back when trading. It represents the economic calendar with to the point insight on what moves on the Forex Market.

If you are interested in the GDP moves for one specific country it can be found on http://www.fxstreet.com/fundamental/ that or any moves in the interest rates both past and estimated.

Another tool that I was combining was the msnbc.com news feed. This is mainly useful when there are factors such as tornado`s approaching the Gulf of Mexico. That usually affects speculation on the USD due to its threat on the oil prices.

That is about enough to track news. Have a happy Non Farm Payrolls Friday when it comes around, this month is past already.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

what epayment usernames to follow on Twitter?

I could put up a list of twitter accounts worth to follow when it comes to e-payment.
It`s the ones related to PayPal developer central and Ukash by Ukash.com.

There should be a post following soon on this. At the same time I`m thinking of hooking up a blog for more fun stuff. This was initially meant to be a professionals alone site, I get a lot of visits worldwide but the information herein is consultative.

Here are the twitter users to follow for ePayment news:
* PayWithUkash
* ukashbusiness
* PayPalx

Ukash has a very aggressive marketing policy for expanding their payment method worldwide. They became active in 26 countries according to the 11-06-2009 Newsletter to Merchants:
"Whether it’s in-store at one of 300,000+ global locations, from online wallets/bank accounts or via ATMs/kiosks, Ukash is now available in 26 countries:

UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Cyprus, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Uruguay.

Did anyone get a $1 charge from PayPal

I just saw a $1 charge on my statement coming from PayPal. Now I don`t know if there`s something I did wrong or it happened to others as well.

Can someone please answer this for me? Thanks in advance.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where do I get the PayPal Expuse Code from? There must be a reason why this post rates number 1 in Google searches - it`s because it`s the right one

Where do I get the PayPal Expuse Code from?

Well that is simple as switching the kitchen lights on or off.
All you need to do is identify what bank has issued the respective Credit or Debit card
that you had just used. The $1 or EUR 1 charge is reflected withing a couple of days
on your online statement.

Simple enough so far. However there are still Cardholders or owners of
credit cards that don`t have online banking. For that event what you
would need to do is go to the bank and ask the bank teller to look for that charge.

The charge should be like mentioned above of a small amount and it would
necessarily have EXPUSE next to it and a 4 digit number such as 1022.
Please don`t use 1022 as an Expuse code to PayPal as this number is just an example.

Then with the 4 digit code log in to your PayPal Account and put it in there. That should
add the respective Card to your PayPal Account as an authorized Card.

Hope this helps better.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Is the time back to do Forex trading?

For quite a while now, looking back I would say 1 year the Forex currency market has been in turbulence. It`s not the case for everyone to have made fortunes in this specific timeframe.

One thing I can say for sure is not even dealers/traders at confirmed trading platform providers, 2 of the biggest names have been making trades. Meaning from an average of 3-4 trades per day suggested in August 2008 down to 2-2 per week in December of 2008 and complete no suggestions for couple of weeks during January.

That is because the market did not allow for it. So unless you were a hedge fund or something similar in size you had to stay out. Any move could have swiped your Account.

But what happens now? I say that since interest for the USD has remained unchanged the crisis is just bottoming up. I don`t plan on being just another analyst therefore I`ll say no more.

One book that I would highly recommend though is Millionaire Traders by Boris Schlossberg and Kathy Lien.

That book provides the guidelines for when to go for it and when to stay out of it. It contains interviews with significant traders that turned few digits Accounts into 6 zero`s Accounts. In order to do so you need practice, disciplin and not look at the money as what it is but as means of a game.

Good luck and make sure you do the homework well before launching into trades. Most Accounts do not make it to 3 months and that is an average that should say how serious you need to be when starting it in the first place.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Should I change name to stay safe?

It`s a really big world out there in epayment. Sometimes messy pretty messy..So how do we stay safe while still doing what we like such as shopping online, paying bills, transferring money, renting videos or paying for music?

It`s not such big of a deal mainly common sense should do in almost 95% of the cases. Common sense, as a definition in epay should include not sharing computers with other users/ people, watch out for your cards don`t leave them on the front desk at gas stations, make sure when it`s used that the front office person only swipes it through the authorized POS. Stay alert but don`t freak out or become paranoid.

Other than that you can use and increasingly common payment method that transforms cash into credit card almost instantly. It`s the technology that can be found on Smartvoucher.

That or their UK based parent company Ukash.
Paying by vouchers is another way to stay safe only downside is the respective vouchers are valid at one online shop at a time meaning the one they have been issued for.

The benefit would be the large amount of stores that accept voucher payments.
I can`t believe how many people are interested in finding the answer to a simple question like what is the PayPal Expuse code.
There is an answer I gave back 2 years ago I guess and can be found here.
Nothing major has changed since back then except maybe the fact that the Expuse Code Practice is now available in more countries worldwide. And that is actually a positive thing as more choice is coming towards the user.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Will there be an end to this crisis?

The so called crisis has initially hit the US coming from the housing market. Now it has been a while since it hit EU as well affecting the newly integrated countries.

These countries such as Polang, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria are emerging markets therefore their currencies weaker in front of a magnitude shake such as this.

As the saying goes what comes up must come down, so is this crisis. Estimates from investment banks such as UBS say June will be turnpoint for the US economy and with a desync-ed timeframe EU will follow the outgoing from the current economic downturn.

This post is actually about what I feel to be closer to reality that being an even sooner recovery. I base this affirmation on the fact that the development was at a higher pace than any similar past event. We would have then to judge and evaluate this based on its own current model not based on past models that rendered its prediction inefficient already.

So I think that just as fast as it grew it`s going to go back the same way. And we will see the spending back:)

So dear crisis, please go away.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My recent visitors by location (country or city)

It`s amazing to see the content on PayPal, expuse code, credit cards, mastercards etc. posted in this blog get read by real people across the world.

Here are some Stats by location within the last 3 months:

Washington D.C.
Austin TX
Los Angeles CA
Santo Domingo Distrito Nacional Dominican Republic
Mumbai, Maharashtra India
Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa
Varna, Bulgaria
Bratislava, Slovakia
San Rafael, California
Tokyo, Japan
Munich, Bayern, Germany
Calgary, Alberta Canada
Hanoi Ha Noi Viet Nam
Lubbock Texas United States

at010.dhcp.ttu.edu - Texas Tech University - 4 visits and an average of 1:57. That is something right? I mean I guess so...

I am proud of this last one the most: having served content to a University.

14% conversion rate increase with PayPal and BillMeLater

According to a Merchants review report by CyberSource you can get more conversion if you have more payment options.

The reason is simple: the more options for payment you offer your Customers the more likely you are them to buy from you.

As to what extent that is questionable. Also other concerns include availability of Merchant Accounts provided by PayPal and Bill Me Later. Both are services purchased by giant eBay Inc. and currently restrict to US only based merchant Accounts or/and banking relations.

Truth is it`s worth trying to add it to your site as an Add On to credit card processing as you can stop it at any time.

Fees are slightly higher 1.9 to 2.9% of each transactions with PayPal and $0.30 per transaction standard as opposed to $0.35 per Authorization with regular Merchant Acc. providers(bankards).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

website review www.419eater.com

A couple of months ago we came across this website that has a collection of documents from scammers.

The name comes from article 419 from the Nigerian Penal code that refers to online crime.

It`s interesting that the scam-baiters collect and post pictures from fraudsters all over the place. Here is a very funny one called IBE Lowgoats

Browse through the Hall of Shame as they call it and enjoy yourself.