Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Expuse Code from Paypal - a definition

There is sometimes hard to find a correct answer to a simple question. For this reason alone I consider this article would make sense.

PayPal Expuse Code = A 4 digit Code that reflects on a cardholder`s statement (or even online statement) that shows next to a TEST Charge from PayPal. The charge is usually a small Amount of $1 or for cards issued in Euros is 1,5 EUR. The purpose of this test charge is that PayPal Validates or links the Cardholder to their bank and to the actual credit/ debit card.

The PayPal Expuse code is a smart choice for online validation of a person. The main reason behind it is that a bank will not release you this Expuse Code over the phone, or is not supposed to do so at least. Thus it consolidates the link between a bank and it`s Customers. A cardmember/ cardholder usually gets or obtains this code by paying their bank a visit in person rather than waiting for a whole month for the statement to be issued and sent out.

This practice is actually valid worldwide, it`s meant to increase responsible usage of online payment means and reduce fraudulent attempts.

No matter where a specific card is issued (be it San Diego, California or Johannesburg, South Africa) the Expuse Code will be the same - a four digit code next to a charge that is called Expuse Code.

Hope this is a satisfactory explanation and if more info is necessary on the matter please leave a comment and I will try my best to obtain pertinent answers.

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