Saturday, November 7, 2009

what epayment usernames to follow on Twitter?

I could put up a list of twitter accounts worth to follow when it comes to e-payment.
It`s the ones related to PayPal developer central and Ukash by

There should be a post following soon on this. At the same time I`m thinking of hooking up a blog for more fun stuff. This was initially meant to be a professionals alone site, I get a lot of visits worldwide but the information herein is consultative.

Here are the twitter users to follow for ePayment news:
* PayWithUkash
* ukashbusiness
* PayPalx

Ukash has a very aggressive marketing policy for expanding their payment method worldwide. They became active in 26 countries according to the 11-06-2009 Newsletter to Merchants:
"Whether it’s in-store at one of 300,000+ global locations, from online wallets/bank accounts or via ATMs/kiosks, Ukash is now available in 26 countries:

UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Cyprus, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Uruguay.

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