Friday, February 6, 2009

Will there be an end to this crisis?

The so called crisis has initially hit the US coming from the housing market. Now it has been a while since it hit EU as well affecting the newly integrated countries.

These countries such as Polang, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria are emerging markets therefore their currencies weaker in front of a magnitude shake such as this.

As the saying goes what comes up must come down, so is this crisis. Estimates from investment banks such as UBS say June will be turnpoint for the US economy and with a desync-ed timeframe EU will follow the outgoing from the current economic downturn.

This post is actually about what I feel to be closer to reality that being an even sooner recovery. I base this affirmation on the fact that the development was at a higher pace than any similar past event. We would have then to judge and evaluate this based on its own current model not based on past models that rendered its prediction inefficient already.

So I think that just as fast as it grew it`s going to go back the same way. And we will see the spending back:)

So dear crisis, please go away.

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