Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where do I get the PayPal Expuse Code from? There must be a reason why this post rates number 1 in Google searches - it`s because it`s the right one

Where do I get the PayPal Expuse Code from?

Well that is simple as switching the kitchen lights on or off.
All you need to do is identify what bank has issued the respective Credit or Debit card
that you had just used. The $1 or EUR 1 charge is reflected withing a couple of days
on your online statement.

Simple enough so far. However there are still Cardholders or owners of
credit cards that don`t have online banking. For that event what you
would need to do is go to the bank and ask the bank teller to look for that charge.

The charge should be like mentioned above of a small amount and it would
necessarily have EXPUSE next to it and a 4 digit number such as 1022.
Please don`t use 1022 as an Expuse code to PayPal as this number is just an example.

Then with the 4 digit code log in to your PayPal Account and put it in there. That should
add the respective Card to your PayPal Account as an authorized Card.

Hope this helps better.

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