Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Should I change name to stay safe?

It`s a really big world out there in epayment. Sometimes messy pretty messy..So how do we stay safe while still doing what we like such as shopping online, paying bills, transferring money, renting videos or paying for music?

It`s not such big of a deal mainly common sense should do in almost 95% of the cases. Common sense, as a definition in epay should include not sharing computers with other users/ people, watch out for your cards don`t leave them on the front desk at gas stations, make sure when it`s used that the front office person only swipes it through the authorized POS. Stay alert but don`t freak out or become paranoid.

Other than that you can use and increasingly common payment method that transforms cash into credit card almost instantly. It`s the technology that can be found on Smartvoucher.

That or their UK based parent company Ukash.
Paying by vouchers is another way to stay safe only downside is the respective vouchers are valid at one online shop at a time meaning the one they have been issued for.

The benefit would be the large amount of stores that accept voucher payments.

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