Tuesday, November 20, 2007

eBay Romania

I will do this in both Romanian and English as we need to have a correct image on what is happening on the Romanian ebay market. It`s widely spread that whatever deals we would do that involves one of the users to be from Romania is going to end up in fraud.

Well that is not necessarily true - part because only last week the law enforcement agencies have arrested a lot of people 51 in a combined effort of 190 cops from Arges district and Valcea basically anihilating two networks of they say dangerous outlaws. 14 of them were involved in internet related fraud and their cars, money and other good were confiscated.

That indicates authorities on this side of the planet really care about what is happening in the internet related fraud environment.

Now if I were to spend time reading this I would also be interested on how to protect myself from any phishing or fraudulent attempts when dealing with an eBay (that goes also for Eastbay) user located in Romania. It`s simple - stay true to the Security policy that eBay has in place. Do not deal with users with low feedback or if you do take extra caution measures such as ask for a Fax from the person that is placing their order for what you are selling. Don`t deal with users that have negative feedback all it`s going to manifest out of that is a waste of time and energy.

One other option is to deal in cash (Western Union or Monney Gramm). Now I know money transfer is a pain but on the other hand it still remains one of the safest payment methods in use today.

A good idea is probably to ask an expert, a person who dealt before and has significant experience in dealing with people from Romania. I know this from the perspective of being a buyer and facing reluctance when dealing with major Power Sellers from the US and ending up getting great items and feedback from my partners.

Not everyone you deal with is a crook or tries to defraud you but once the common sense barriers are surpassed there is nothing but success on both ends coming up.

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